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21apenn 02-12-2014 04:49 PM

Is this a hemangioma on my 5 week old?
So my pediatrician said this tiny little red mark on my daughters forehead is a hemangioma. It has not changed at all since it appeared at a week old. Not sure how to post a picture as it is saying my file is too large but would love any input. I am losing sleep stressing about this.

21apenn 02-12-2014 06:29 PM

Any pictures of when hemangiomas first appear would be greatly appreciated. I can't find any!

missy 02-13-2014 03:32 PM

Hi and welcome,

If you will send your photo as an attachment to I will resize it and add it to this thread.

Everyone's baby's hemangiomas look different. Many start out as a flat, tiny, red mark. Then parents go to Google and find the most extreme images (and there are some extreme ones out there, even on our site). Then they panic.

So, don't panic. A good number of hemangiomas require no treatment. Even more require minimal treatment.

Hang in there!


21apenn 02-13-2014 06:09 PM

Thanks Missy! I sent the pictures.

missy 02-13-2014 09:42 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here ya go!

If it were going to grow significantly, I would think it would be larger by now. As it is, I would just monitor this.

Having a diagnosis by a pediatrician already should enable you to move quickly if need be.


smurph 02-14-2014 05:00 AM

Hi there! I agree with Missy. I know that every hemangioma is different, but 3 out of my 4 children have them and all of them grew pretty steadily once they appeared getting redder and redder each day. I'm not sure how old your daughter is now, but I would just keep watching it and maybe take a picture of it every week or so if you see it starting to change. I don't think you have reason to be too worried. :)


21apenn 02-14-2014 06:29 PM

I can't thank both of you enough. It first appeared when she was 1 week and and is now a little over 5 weeks with no changes at all. I love my pediatrician but all he said was it looks like a hemangioma and it will get worse before it gets better and left it at that. Then I came home and turned to google for hours on end and turned myself into a nervous wreck. It is so nice to find a resource like this to ease my mind or at least get guidance if need be. I keep reading that most change rapidly in the beginning and hers has yet to do anything so praying that is the case. I admire all moms out there that have to deal with this for their poor little ones. Thanks again for answering my questions. Here's to hoping my pediatrician was wrong :)

lf 02-20-2014 02:38 PM

My daughter had one that grew steadily starting at 5 weeks. She had a deep/surficial mix. Like you, I reached the internet and freaked out because of the pictures. They put worse case on there, not ones that grow and stop. My daughters grew to smaller than a dime when it peaked and then started to involute at about 9 months old. She is 16 months old now and the deep one is gone and the middle red is gone so now she only has the red (really pink) left outer circle. it is at her hairline so I gave her bangs. She also had one on her torso that is almost completely gone.

I went to a specialist and they really put my mind at ease. I put Timilol on for 2 months, not sure if stopped it from growing but I think it helped.

21apenn 02-20-2014 04:55 PM

Hi ladies,
So I have been emailing with dr. Levitin and he suggested after reviewing my daughters newest pictures that a simple laser treatment of the red spot and the white halo would take care of this and to find a pediatric dermatologist quickly that could do this. That being said, we went to a pediatric dermatologist yesterday (an older doctor) and he said Mother Nature takes care of all hemangiomas. Not really what I was looking for. Can anyone steer me in the direction of someone is Atlanta, Georgia that might be able to help me with more up to date treatments for a 6 week old like dr. Levitin suggested?

21apenn 02-20-2014 05:04 PM

I looked at the doctor locator but only found plastic surgeons so I was not sure if I should call them or try to find a pediatric dermatologist.

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