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kd 05-19-2004 02:51 AM

VM on Rt thigh
My 14 yr old daughter has a VM on her lower right thigh. It was sclerosed 3 weeks ago and it has a huge blister and sore on it now. The doctor it will by very slow healing. Has anybody had this experience? How long did it take to heal?
Please help!

Lisa_99 06-01-2004 02:56 AM

Re:VM on Rt thigh

KD -
I just read the email here. How is your daughter. ?
I can get you in touch w/ a mom on another list I am on for some suggestions on healing and creames..


kd 06-02-2004 01:45 AM

Re:VM on Rt thigh
She is doing much better. Her sclerosing was done in April at Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto. They are great there. We went back and they gave us instructions on how to clean and care for the wound. They also gave us special dressings and ordered her Homecare. So we have a nurse coming here 3X per week to check the wound and change the dressings . This is a side effect that can happen with sclerosing. She is the 5th person in the surgeons 10 yrs experience to have this side effect!!! Lucky her! The bigger picture is that her the VM is down in size quite a lot and she isn't in pain any more. When this large wound heals I think she will be much better. Good to hear from you!

kd 06-02-2004 01:47 AM

Re:VM on Rt thigh
Oh by the way, I'd like more info on creams etc. to help with healing or scars

Lisa_99 06-02-2004 05:00 PM

Re:VM on Rt thigh

try duoderm for the healing


Lisa_99 06-02-2004 05:14 PM

Re:VM on Rt thigh
other suggestions for healing wounds:

sometimes silvadene, sometimes topacort, sometimes just neosporin and most lately Solosite), covered with a telfa pad (non-adhesive type of gauze) and then lots of compression;

tegaderm bandages that had a gauze pad in the center, I think they weren't big enough because they just wouldn't stick properly.

I'll keep looking to see what I can find !!!

em me direct if I don't post more here today! OK !

good luck~!

( got this from another list )

Lisa_99 06-04-2004 05:16 PM

Re:VM on Rt thigh
Atrac- Tain / cream for wounds/sores

The person got it from the wound care clinic


kd 06-05-2004 12:54 PM

Re:VM on Rt thigh
Thanks Lise, I will try and look into some of those creams. She is doing much better with the new dressings on her leg. Hopefully she can wear shorts this summer!!
Talk to you soon.

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