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Tone 08-17-2004 01:39 AM

Treatment options? Pros and cons?
Hi i have a large pws on the right side of my face and neck, i would really like to know all the options available to me to remove it. I had laser treatment when i was younger age 9-12 , seven treatments in total and it did'nt really work at all. I stopped treamtent in 1995. Have lasers improved at all in that time?

I was also wondering about plastic surgery, as in just having my pws removed completely under the surgeons knife? Is that an option, can they actually do that? What kind of results are had this way if it is possible?

Medical tattoing? What are the options with that? Does it look really good afterwards and can i get it done permanently? Anyone whose had it done please reply with your info because this seems a good option if it works.

Sorry for all the questions but any help given would be very much appreciated.

My pws is reddy purply and has no bumps or anything, is just smooth like rest of my skin if that helps.

Jin9084 08-17-2004 02:34 AM

Re:Treatment options? Pros and cons?
I can only answer a couple of your questions. The lasers have improved since 1995. There is no surgery to remove the pws. Have you been to ? That is a support group made up of people with pws and parents of childern with pws. I have found the site very informative with my 3 year old that has pws and sws. I hope this helps.

Tone 08-18-2004 12:18 AM

Re:Treatment options? Pros and cons?
Thanks for the reply Jin :) I've had a look but all it really has info on is lasers. I really don't want continuous laser surgery over many years. i also doubt it will work well for me cause of previous experience. I would really be interested in the tattoo sort of idea because its popped in my head many times before thinking that would be an amazing idea, never actually knowing folk did have it done. i only found out about tatoos from reading posts on this site. Thanks for informing me of the site though. Any more help from anyone would be much appreciated. ;D

alexasmommy 08-19-2004 05:23 AM

Re:Treatment options? Pros and cons?
Hi. I have no personal experience with tattooing or excision of the pws. I have heard from an adult that had the tatoo done and it eventually came through the tatoo. He stated that the original tattoo color was not a perfect match etc and the color of the pws did come through. It also bled like crazy as you can imagine.Also, the tatoo did not prevent the blebs or thickening that he personally experienced.
My daughter is being treated by Dr Geronemus in NYC with a VBeam laser. He has a one of a kind VBeam. My daughter has had excellent results on her facial pws. She just turned 3 and we have 95 to 100 percent fading.
Someone also mentioned the excision of the pws but I believe it came back because of the malformation of the vessels. They obviously have to leave you with some sort of blood flow to the area. I will look for the old email that was written about this.

Tone 08-20-2004 12:49 AM

Re:Treatment options? Pros and cons?
Thanks aleaxasmommy, cool reply with loadsa info. :) I've only heard good things about tattoos but your reply has brought also the negatives of it from people who have actually had it done, much appreciated. I would of thought though with how advanced plastic surgery is these days that goin under the knife would work, i've never inquired though so don't know what problems would be. After seeing doc how long a wait is it till first laser treatment can performed? As i said i had laser treatment when i was younger but never knew the procedures of setting it up. It may seem strange but i don't like to ask questions about it to my parents, like how to set up the treatment or why it was stopped in the first place, i take it that it was due to poor results. I feel really akward about talking about it so don't, i take it the people around me feel i have accepted my birthmark because i try real hard not to show any sign of being self consious and ACT like i aint! :-\ Its never mentioned and never has even by my work mates or friends. I deffinately think behind my back though it is! lol ;D

alexasmommy 08-21-2004 05:29 AM

Re:Treatment options? Pros and cons?
He did test spots on my daughter the first day I saw him. ::)
Regarding the tatooing or excision, I think that if they have had wonderful results there would be a line miles long for it to be done.......
From speaking with adults myself, I believe that lasers have come a long way. I am not sure of your age, but I know people in their 40 's or older that were treated with the Argon years ago. Their scarring has been pretty bad. Now they are being treated with the current laser technology in an attempt to"correct"
what was done with the old Argon.
As a mom, I can tell you that it has been hard, in a different way than the child. Speaking for myself only, I have guilt, I worry about the future for my daughter much more than I worry about my son who does not have a pws. I cry at the thought of what medical issues she may have because of it's location. As her mom, I was not focused on cosmetic, I just wanted her to be medically clear. I do know that I will never know how she feels about her pws. I can only try to help her in any way I can. It is a part of her and I love her.Some adults I have heard say that they love their pws and they do not want it "gone.". Other adults have said that it has "ruined their life." I can only hope that she accepts it as a part of her.
Good luck to you and I am still looking for that email for you....

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