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liola 08-27-2004 12:40 AM

comoflage-desperate for advice!!!
Iím looking for some type of longwearing concealor to cover a textured bluish/grey birthmark on my inner elbow.
Because of the awkward position of my birthmark, right along the crease line of my inner arm/elbow, normal concealers simply wear off as soon as I move or close my arms. Apparently the inner elbow is composed of many sweat glands, which also depletes the wear of makeup used in this area.
Another problem, Ive found with using makeup in this area, is that it tends to gather, or clump, around the folds of my skin and the texture of my scar (also when I move or close my arms).
Iím looking for some sort of longwearing/water proof, high opacity concealer, or anything else, that might cover my birthmark.
Is there anything anyone could recommend?
Ive done alot of reaserch on all the brands refered to at this site (dermablend, dermacolor, colourtriaton, veil etc) but I need some advice before I try anything- Im on a very low income and cant really afford to experiment.
Thanks, I really appreciate your time!
Liola ???
PS Yes....Ive tried but I am having difficulties actually logging on far Ive opened 3 different login accounts AND IT WONT ACCEPT MY PASSWORDs (or send me a new one)...its driving me crazy!!!

LUVmeLUVmyBrthMark 08-30-2004 01:33 AM

Re:comoflage-desperate for advice!!!
Hi Liola!
My name is Saige and I am 14! I am the moderator of this youth forum. I actually have a birthmark below my lower lip and on both sides of my neck. I find that a GREAT waterproof concealer which works for me is called Coverblend. The company sells it in all different sizes of maybe you could buy one of the smaller one's to just try it out (each tube lasts me a long time and I wear it everyday!) I hope that this product will help you as it has helped me everyday!!!If you end up trying it let me know the results! Also, I'm sorry the site is giving you trouble with your password, I hope everything works out! Good Luck! ;)

swsc 08-30-2004 04:27 AM

Re:comoflage-desperate for advice!!!

Have you been able to subscribe to yet? If you are still having trouble, contact me at: and I'll see what I can do for you.


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