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HI Hank,
I wanted to* mention my study here,,if that is OK,,it is on the front page of VBF..but sometimes people don't always read through the whole page..(by the way, the study is not affiliated with VBF, it is a completely independent research project)

But, it's for anyone over 14 who grew up with a facial hemangioma only (no PWS) and did not receive any treatment to correct it until after the age of 14.. All any participant would need to do is answer some questions, and of-course their identity remains anonymous.The study is a psychological study and it was approved by The Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO.
Please feel free to contact me for information and I'd gladly explain more about it. Also, on the front page of this web site, you can read about it too...

I think this forum is a great idea, and I'd gladly help if you need me.

Elissa Rifkin
Developmental Specialist-VBF

Elissa Rifkin
VBF Developmental Specialist
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