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My friends and I have a friend who has a skin condition that we have always thought was a birthmark, but in reality we have no idea what it is.* He has problems dealing with it and has struggled socially as a result, often times becoming depressed and feeling like an outcast.

My friends and I would like to help him deal with it and are willing to help him financially seek treatment (if possible), but we don't know what it is or really have a good idea of what it is and given the depression we don't think we should go directly to our friend until we have a better idea where to start.* So we are looking for some help in idetifying the condition and searching the web hasn't really helped so I stumbled upon this website/forum and wondering if we can get some help identifying the condition here.

He has had the condition since birth and we remember back when we were young asking him what the deal was and he said at the time it was a birthmark.* It's red blotches and scarring on his face, typically on the forehead and around the eyes/upper-cheek, at it's worse it can appear to be darker, like purple.* It has gone through periods where it's really evident (throughout his whole childhood it was really evident) and then times where it hasn't totally gone away, but a lot less evident, but then will come back again (never as bad as when he was a kid, but very clear that he had some sort of skin condition, he is 29 years old now).* As I said he said growing up that it was a birthmark, but it does move around as far as where it is located on his face and severity comes and goes.* We are unaware if it shows up on any other part of his body as none of us recall a situation in which we would have seen it if it was on other parts of his body.

Does anyone have an idea of what this condition is?* Any help would be appreciated.

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