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Thank you so much for the reply and the link for help.

Your condition and my friend's do like very much alike and when I first read up on PWS, I thought maybe that was it, but as you said, the fading and then it comes back does leaves the door open a little bit.

I will see if I have any pictures to post, I might have to scan as I know I have some pictures from him when we have been out golfing and at social events (weddings, etc...) together.

I will also take you up on your advice to get more information and use the resources available on this site. He has been seeing doctors since he was a child and there has been some help and the condition isn't as prevelent as when he was a child, it seems to get better, then it comes back a little. It's tough and we've seen him really struggle with dealing with it lately and that's what inspired me seeking out his condition so I can understand and continue to help.

Thanks again for the reply, I really appreciate it.

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