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I did see Dr. Waner for my scheduled appointment even though I had to go out of my insurance "network". He said that surgery would not be the recommended treatment for my situation. He has developed a laser that will shrink the malformation, and says that he has treated many of these with great success. (This type of venous malformation is the most common) He is the developer of this lazer (He has the patent) and therefore the expert in its use. I am so glad that I made the trip to Arkansas and highly recommend Dr. Waner for any child with a vascular abnormality. He is going to do this in possibly only two surgeries, the first will be Oct 28th, with the second being 6 weeks later. I was told by him that I could live to be 100 with no problems after the surgery. I had seen Dr.'s around my home town that were going to take most of my tongue off and then proceed with a series of surgeries to remove these, I just knew that there had to be other options. I do know that the sooner that you take your child to him the better. These do not get smaller, they grow along with the child, with sudden growth spurts that seem to coincide with stress, and hormonal changes. I do not feel any urgency in my situation because it has been with me all of my life, but I wish that it had been taken care of earlier so it would not have gotten so big. The trip to Little Rock was 1000 anxious miles for me, but after seeing Dr. Waner the relief I felt made every mile worth it. I cried when I saw the small children with their lesions so visible, it is very tramatic for a child to feel different from everyone else. I am so glad that the technology is now available to make their lives normal. It really puts things into perspective when you see the great accomplishments that come out of the Arkansas Childrens Hospital through the eyes of of these little patients.
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