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Jim Devier
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Hay Hank, I saw your picture, if I could figure out how, I'd send you one of me. Have to get one of my kids to show me again- maybe it'll stick this time! I guess I got blessed with the whole mess- born with hemangioma, upper left lip-PWS bout the rest left side of my face. Not really a problem once I got over the really bad self-consious part of the deal. Darned thing started growing bout 4 years ago- started getting in the way of my left eye. Spent about 6 months figuring what I was getting into before I called a doctor for a consultation. I could tell he was kinda stumped by me ,not so much by my condition , as just by me. I've run my own business dealing with the public for 30+ years now, not standing behind some counter, but selling myself and my service to people- many times contracts in the multi-million dollar range. Got a lot of former clients who come by the office Just to sit and chat. I've seen a bunch of your posts and have to applaud your efforts- someplace there needs to be a place for people to share their experiences. I think that the best thing people in this situation can do is try to help people with (or without) this problem to get over it. Still (after all these years) breaks my heart to see some young child run screaming behind their mother at the sight of me. Usually just getting down and talking to them calms them down and maybe goes a little bit toward helping create another person who can see past the skin. Anyway Hank, Keep hangin in there and know that they make more girls everyday! Jim Devier
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