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Is it a venous malformation or an AVM?

If it's an AVM and you've had surgery that did not remove the entire nidus, this could be the reason it keeps coming back.

There are several people who have had great success with Dr. Yakes. And I think that when these doctors find themselves one of only a handful that specialize in these things the rates do tend to go up. Unfortunate for us that use these doctors though.

I don't have personal experience with Dr. Yakes, I've only heard of him. Kristie is a great resource for questions about him.

I would like to throw another name out there for you. My son has more than one of which is in his face. His facial AVM is very small, and we haven't even started any type of treatment on it yet, as we're dealing with another AVM in his brain right. I do know that facial AVM's are very rare, and finding a doctor experienced in them is very hard. The doctor that treats my son has several facial AVM patients, and all have been extremely happy with him. I guess if there was a facial AVM specialist, he would be one of the few. We travel from Minnesota to see him. They've been very good about helping the insurance process along with letters of medical necessity.

Dr. Alejandro Berenstein
INN Center for Endovascular Surgery
New York, NY
press the option for Mary Madrid for initial questions and contact

Here's some links about the doctor, and about one of his facial AVM patients.

One of his facial AVM patients

And of course you can meet my son Ben, his link is in my signature.

Julie H
Mom to Ben (multiple AVM's, PWS, SWS)
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