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Default a little about my life with a VM

I am a 37 year old female with a venous vascular malformation on my left eyelid since birth. I am very self conscience about it as I was teased and picked on all through my school years and some even after my school years. I did not date much as a teen because no one seemed to have interest in me because of the VM. As an adult I dated a few guys and even got married to someone who overlooked the VM and loved me as I am. I have 3 children and praise GOD they did not develope a VM. I have problems socializing frequently with people because I fear they are going to ask me or notice the VM as hiding it is hard to do. In the past I've had laser surgery once and schelorotherapy a few times which has helped somewhat but it still grows back and remains noticeable. Has anyone ever heard of Dr. Hochman in Charleston, SC? If so, what do you know about his credentials and is he a good surgeon for this type of problem? Also, has anyone had numbness, dizziness and head aches from VM because I've been having these symptoms for a couple of years and my neurologist can't find the cause and I am almost certain it is coming from the VM. Thanks for reading and replying. Miran
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