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Default Re:Laser treatments of infants : PLEASE HELP

Hi Rina Nep, my name is Hank.
I have seen doctor Frieden but she could not help me because of how surver my marks are.
I have heard nothing but good news about her until now. your daughters mark will not go away in one laser treatment I can not see the mark for myself to see how deep or discolored it is but I have been doing laser treatment for 14 years now and my marks are not gone. There are a couple of people on this website that have used Dr. Frieden to treat their children, you will just have to look for the posts. I think Dr. Frieden is the subject of one of the posts.
You should atleast give her team one more chance for treatment, if you have questions why it is not change ask them they are very open to questions.

If you have any other questions you would like to ask me please do I am here for you.

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