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hello everyone,

relationships. hmmm.

I'm 28. I have a portwine stain on the left side of my face, covering most of my cheek, chin, bottom lip, left ear, neck, part of my chest and parts of my head. I also have a patch on my back but its always remained flat. Unlike my face.

I do not have much relationship expeirence but as far as I can remember, I've had more come ons from older men than males in my own age bracket. They tell me how beautiful I am. Or maybe I gotta stop hanging out in bars

Personally I think some caution is needed when getting into relationships. I had a very casual relationship many years ago. I just liked him, he liked me, that was it. We met up again, he's married, unhappy. Looking for someone safe on the side.

While it was very flattering, its a dangerous road to go down. Having insecurities about your looks, wondering how can someone really love you, low self esteem, an offer like that can really go to your head. Personally I'm looking for a lot more than what he wanted, and I have someone very special in my life that I hope to be my future for the rest of my life.

So ladies, gentlemen, we all gotta take risks, take chances, because thats how we grow and i grew a lot from my expeirence. But just becareful, as you might already know, when we have our down days, don't be tempted by the wrong paths.

To those with their special someones, I'm really happy for you all !

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