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Red face My story

Hello everyone,

My name is Jen, I have a strawberry colored portwine stain on my left cheek.
I have always had a bit of an attitude I was never one to behave in school.
My schooling experience was like most of you I was teased in elementary school but I was a tough cookie I would fight if I had to. My teachers and parents were amazed by my confidence I knew I was different but I didn't care.Don't get me wrong I was self conscious at times, especially when adults would say you are so pretty why don't you have your birthmark removed. This really hurt me because why was it so hard for people to except me. I was very lucky through highschool I had tons of friends and boyfriends. It's wierd sometimes I forget I have a birthmark totally, until some person feels the need to comment and give me advice. This catches me by surprise because I feel perfectly normal and at those moments I am very aware that I am somewhat different. I have not allowed my birthmark to interfere with who I want to be, I am in college and hope to go onto medical school. I have a terrific support system my family and husband are great.
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