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Jim Devier
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Default 6 tx. and counting

Thought I'd give an update: like it says,6 treatments and counting. I'd decided i needed to get something done when my pws ( which had started growing about 4 years ago) started getting in the way of the sight picture of my left eye. spent about 5 months researching docs and found one that looked like he could help. NOT an easy job finding someone that could actually make a diff- not just trust what the rep says his laser would do. I cannot emphasize how important it is to get the right doc. I met a man at the docs who had recieved pdl treatments off and on for 16 years with virtually no effect. He was 14 treatments down there and the thing was just about gone. I haden't realised the improvement untill his mother came in while I was sitting there waiting on the numbing creme. she had pictures of the whole process and it blew me away. after 54 years you kind of get used to the dsmn thing being there. kinda unsettling wondering if you really look like the grinch after its gone. Jim Devier ps. for the docs info e-mail me
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