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Regarding your daughter,

My son was born with stains covering his entire body in one degree or another. He was diagnosed with CMTC then undiagnosed. They have considered his condition a "mystery" as of now. Very frustrating. He has been tested for glaucoma, brain tumors, heart defects. Everything is fine. The genetisist at one point mentioned KT to us. Then yesterday he was seen by another specialist. Ped derm. Who said he does not have either CMTC or KT. What she explained of Klippel Traunany does sound like your daughter. She said that it usually is one affected limb. But she did say the length is usually a couple centimeters difference. There are developmental issues associated with KT. Is your daughter on track?

I'm interested in knowing about your situation. I know the frustration and worry of "not knowing".

Take care. You can email me personally at

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