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Hi everyone. I do not have a birthmark, but my mother had one. I have been dating a woman who has a birthmark, but she broke it off without offering any clear explanation shortly after I told her about my family. I'm sure there could be plenty of reasons, maybe she's simply not into me anymore. But I'm wondering if my past is a factor behind her decision.

I loved her not because of her birthmark, but because we really connected with each other intellectually. We had similar sense of humor, and we understood each other instinctively. She's beautiful, I'm physically attracted to her, birthmark or not, and I never gave her special treatment. I don't claim to fully understand what it's like to be her, but at the same time I feel I could be there for her, from my own experiences.

So I am wondering: what are the odds of a couple like us giving birth to a child born with a birthmark? And how would you feel about being in a relationship with someone like me -- someone who has had past experiences in living those who have birthmarks? Do you see this as a positive thing, or does that make you question my reason for wanting to be together?

Thank you so much if you can share any thoughts on this.
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