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Thank you, Missy. My surgeon wants to remove it as soon as possible, and to send it to pathology to be sure it's benign. (This concerned me when I read about hemangiomas in children, that they are not removed unless they cause other problems, and that they are benign.)

I may have to pay for the entire procedure out of pocket, and she wasn't able to tell me how much the operating room and hospital costs will be. Her fee will be $400-$500. I have been saving for my wedding next April, and I have a few thousand that I can spend. But, not knowing the cost of the OR makes me nervous. I've only had a LEAP done over a year ago, so I have no idea what it could be, even a ballpark figure. My surgeon advised me to fill out assistance paperwork with the hospital and call her when I'm ready to proceed. (She said she can't do the procedure in her office, which would be cheaper, because it's on my neck and has bled uncontrollably before. There's too much risk.)

I have been looking at articles on AVM. Almost all of them describe a lesion in the brain. (That's a little scary, considering one listed the possible side-effects as stroke, before it stated specifically that it was for AVM in the brain!) <sigh> I wish there were something that described a lesion on the skin, the risks and possible contributing factors, that occur in adulthood. I'm feeling more and more like a freak.
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