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Default Portwine Stain On The Leg

My Son will be 3 in November and he has a PORTWINE STAIN on his (left) leg,buttocks,foot&3toes,and a spot on his penis and scrotum.He will have his 8th laser surgery on Augest 29th.This is still EXTREMELY diificult for me.My Son has to be put under anesthesia due to his age and the pain from the laser treatment.His left leg with the PORTWINE STAIN WAS smaller than the right.He has seen the BONE SPECIALIST 3 times and the x-rays show only a .5cm difference in length.Also,his LEFT butt cheek is smaller(this IS noticable)My Son's leg is now the same size as the right but his LEFT butt cheek does not seen to have caught up yet.The Doctors do not know why this is.I would love to talk with other parent's who have a baby with a PORTWINE STAIN on the LEG.Any emotional support would be nice,too.-from issues on what you do to protect the LEG from sun,owies,burns,scrapes,after treatment to people's rude staring.I would love to share also.Thank You, AMY

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