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Thanks for your statement. I have just arrived home after a 21 hour stay in ER with much of what you presented with. After ultrasounds and CT scan infusion I was diagnosed with an hemangioma of the liver and bleeding from same which is likely the cause of the pain which I currently remain riddled with. I was relieved to find that at least one other has experienced the same thing as I had. So, again, thank you for that. I was surprised in my case at the rapidity of the onset of symptoms that made me feel it was serious enough to be seen in the ER. Being in health care myself, I try hard to stay away from these environments. I do have some questins of you, however.... In your case, did the doctors say anything about further growth of the hemangioma? Did they mention anything about potentail consequnces of this being on your liver? As I mentioned mine is bleeding, but the Er Doc stated she felt it was not anything to worry about at this time, unless the pain increases or is overly persistent. I think that my symptoms may have been brought on by being very active and I may have done something to aggrivate the condition. Funny how a simple stomach ache and minor pain can be indicative of an internal anomally. Once again, Thank you for your statement. Please respond when you can. Should anyone read this and know more about this condition, please forward your replies. All the best Sondy and to any others with the same experiences.

Garry Wilson
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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hello* i am new here,* my name is sondy i am 42 years old, i just recently had the stomach flu and the doctors ordered an ultra sound of my gallbladder, no gallstones were found , however they found an hemangioma on my liver about the size of a marble. told me not to worry about it , come back in 6 months for another ultra sound to see if there is any growth .aslo told me it could cause some very mild pain, but it was basically a birthmark, that was probably undetected until now.......... for some reason this does not comfort me it scares me . not to mention i am having a hard time finding any information* on this. any help would be greatly appreciated.

* * * * * * * thanks so much

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *sondy
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