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Hey everybody:
The relationships duh! not big deal in my own case. As I told in my short story about my case, I have a big PWS covering the left side of my face, neck, ear, chin, lower lip, chest, some lil' spots on my head -when i mean lil i'm talking about just few milimeters- and inside of my mouth including tongue, palate, and a bone hypertrophia of my left side of the jaw. Yeah! i'm a sex symbol!
Jayjay i'm thinking we are twins gal!
So, in my school age, i did not have a girlfriend. But when i just start the college i did. Well it was not too bad having 16y.o. and a girlfriend 2 years older. After that in the dental school -i'm a graduate dentist- i not certain about the number but let me tell you it's near the 10 relations i had.
In my career some people look at me like a "strange" doctor, too much people still looks to my pws and not to my eyes. The fact is just one, I have an attitude.
I accepted my pws all of this time. I think girls like men and men like girls, not just for how they look, and let me tell you it's not a cliche. When i was 16, i thought "ok, probably i can't have Brad Pitt face" but maybe i can develope my body, and i started on working out at the gym. Ok, I'm not like Flex Wheeler or Dorian Yates, but it gave me more attitude.
I know it's hard, it's so hard been the ugly duck of the class, or maybe the subject of any kind of jokes, but does it make you weak? When a guy make too much jokes about my pws, i talk about her premature ejaculation problem o how much unsatisfied is her wife. Yup! i do understand how to shut up some people, and if it does not convince him, maybe it's time for kicking some asses. Yeah, yeah, say no to violence right? but sometimes it really work.
I do not feel less than any other, actually i'm on my second PDL session. Probably it will work. However, my kind of relationship never changed.
Not all the girls are looking for Brad Pitt, so it's a chance. Usually girls do like the knight attitude, let me tell ya it really works!
First post on the group, and i really feel at home. THX.
see ya around.
Dj Doc says Relaxxx
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