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Default people are mean

Today hasn't exactly been the best day. I have lymphangioma and not many people know about it. I tend to keep it a secret since it isn't in a very public area for every one to see. A few people at my school found out about it last year when i missed a week of school due to recovery from surgery. Though for the most part people dont know. I play volleyball for my school and really enjoy it. Though today it happened. Its what i was always afraid of. While i was changing in the locker room at school someone noticed my lymphangioma. They made a comment and a bunch of people turned and looked. One girl said that i looked deformed and some other stuff. As i looked around i could see people quietly talking about it. I was humiliated. Why cant poeple just treat me like im normal. Can't they realize that im emotional about their stupid comments. Dont people get that it hurts when you call some one deformed. I just dont get people.
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