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Default giant hemangioma


I am a 46 year old woman. Back in 1989 I was pregnant with my first child. I went for my 1st appointment and was told while the doctor was feeling around my abdomen that it felt like my liver was enlarged. To make a long story short it was found that I had a large caverous hemangioma. Prior to this I had always been healthy and felt well. As to my swelling abdomen I just thought I had gained weight. Well I lost that baby. The hemangioma continued to grow and in 1992 I had a liver transplant. My liver weighed 25 lbs. Opposed to the normal 4-5 lbs a healthy liver should weigh. Since then I had two children in 1995 and 1998. Both healthy children. I have felt well. About 6 years ago it was found that my transplanted liver now has hemangiomas in it also. I had origianally been told that hemangiomas were birth defects and there was no danger of getting another one in my new liver. Now I think that for some reason my body has something out of wack that is creating them. Why else would I have them again in a completely different liver? Well they have been keeping an eye on it. I had an MRI on it a couple weeks ago. The doctors think it has grown some. I will be having a liver biopsy in a week to make sure it isn't cancer. I am not worried about it because 2 years ago when they did a biopsy they said then it was a hemangioma. I have not had any pain, not with my original liver or my now new liver. Well yes I have had slight discomfort recently with this hemangioma. I have felt a slight pulling sensation on my right side on my waist. Being this is also about where I have an incision from the transplant I thought it was possibly scar tissue but now I think maybe it could be the hemangioma. Am not sure. Anyway I hope that by posting this I do not scare anyone. Remember everyone is different. and I think my case is very unusual. I was also hoping to maybe get some info as to what kind of treatment could possibly be done to shrink these lesions if anyone else has maybe had any type of similar experience.

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