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Unhappy PWS Darkening After Laser TX?

Hello All,

I have posted before about my son's PWS. Jude is 12 mo and has had 3 laser tx so far. Over the past couple of days I have noticed his birthmark is much more noticeable, darker. It has been about 8 weeks since his last tx and by now the fading should be done (from what I understand). I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences. Do PWS get darker and then lighten up again depending on the day? I know that his PWS is vascular and changes when he is cold but a few days of darkening concerns me. I am just so afraid that we are spending all this time and not to mention MONEY on hoping that his birthmark will fade and that it won't.

Has anyone not had sucess? I hear people talking about how they have done as much laser surery as they can and are waiting until technology improves. How do you know when that is? If anyone can shed some light on my situation it would be greatly appreciated.



p.s. i was at the doctor's for jude's 1 year check up the other day and i put him on the floor to play with another little girl and her mom asked me if the "thing" on his face was contagious!!!! i couldn't believe she actually said that. some people are so idiotic. instead of getting upset i just laughed and said it was a birthmark. i am hoping his PWS fades enough before he's old enough to understand what people are saying.
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