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Smile vascular malformation on my tounge

Hi, my name is Courtney and I have (or had ) a venous vascular malformation on my tongue, floor of my mouth and my soft palate (or throat). My hemangioma was monitored for about 12 years by annual MRIs and my doctor consistently wanted to "wait and see" what happened. The MRIs apparently showed no change but it was obvious to the naked eye that my birthmark was growing.
My mom researched and found Dr. Milton Waner (she posted a few posts up) and his co-hort Dr. Levitin and they were honestly the best thing to ever happen to me! They are passionate about their work and love their patients (I feel like I'm their only patient)! I can't say enough good things about them
I started laser treatment with them the summer of 2005 and had a surgery to remove my malformation this past summer. I am having one more laser treatment this summer and can't wait to go see them (even though it means hanving another treatment)! I hope your son is doing well and I 100% recommend calling Dr. Waner's team. They are life savers!
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