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I didn't think anyone was ever going to respond to my post. I apologize for not checking sooner.

I just recently found out that Alex has what is called a Extensive Sinus Pericranium with a hole in her skull. I'm still not certain if the lesions on the left side of her brain are AVM's or not. I'm hoping to find out soon.

I would recommend that your daughter have an MRI of her skull along with a CT. The MRI will show how the blood vessels are in the skull and face and the CT will show if she does have any lesions if they are doing anything to the skull area.

Alex will have surgery in Sept. in AR and then in October we will have to travel to NY to see Dr. Berstien to help with Alex's intercranial issues.

I'm holding onto my faith that everything will work out and I will be praying for your daughter too. If you'd like to e-mail me personally my e-mail address is I can scan a picture of Alex if you'd like to.

Many Blessings,
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