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Hi DaveZ, my name is Hank.

I have used the V-Beam pulse dye laser and I highly recommend it. I am 21 years old and it is the third pulse dye laser I have used and I would have to say hurts the least, did not swell or leave any marks after the treatment. This machine is safe for infants and does not scare. From a older laser that I have used it feels like takeing a rubber band and snap yourself with it. With this laser it does not even hurt that bad because of the liquid mist instead of a direct beam. Since your daughters PWS is so small it will probably only take three to five zaps in less then a minute. It might take a couple of trips to the doctor to get her mark completely removed but it is worth it. It ussually takes about two months to heal completely but depending on where the doctor sets the voltage it will probably take less time. I have all my marks on my face and head and it is more of a sinitive area then the arm so your daughter is lucky.

If you have any other questions please ask because I am here for you.
Also, Candela has a website if you want to learn more about this machine.

Hope to talk to you soon.
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