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paul dawes
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Default the roller coaster so far

Hi everybody my name is paul Im 34 and have been a member of this forum for just a few days.However in those few days Ive become more educated than in the last 25yrs.Ive got a PWS on the back of my neck spanning from the top of my right ear down to the base of my neck.Right up until I was about 13yrs old all people(mainly children in my school) did was ask quite innocentley ask what the funny mark was on the back of my neck.Now as far as I can remember that didnt really bother me and I didnt feel any different to any other child.Im afraid as soon as I became a teenager things changed.I was taunted everyday.I was being asked if someone had spilt ribena or vimto down the back of my neck you know the sort of thing.I struggled through school trying my best to ignore the taunts and the getting on with my life which I did fairly successfuly.Once I had left school I got myself an apprenticeship in the local shipbuilding firm as a sheet metal worker.Anyway I thought all my being taunted days were over I was going to work with mature people that saw things differentley.How wrong I was.BLOTCH was what I was called.It didnt matter where I was in or out of work a quiet or busy place BLOTCH is how I was addressed.This place employed thousands of people and people who didnt even know me laughed as I was mocked.It seemed that I was the butt of all their practical jokes aswell peoeple drawing pictures of my neck on welding screens etc.These antics ruined my life and scarred me heavily.I left that job 9yrs ago now and have had 2 jobs since and not one word has EVER been mentioned about my neck.Although this was a massive step I was still very sensitive about it and at every oppotunity I will cover my neck.On a positive note Ive been married for 10yrs now and I have a 9yr old daughter who are both very supportive and I can honestly say there have been times where I just couldnt cope without them.Even now I get upset if I catch people staring or if I hear a child ask their parents whats that thing on that mans neck?Obviously I have got issues so Ive been to a therapist regarding the above but to be honest I dont feel much different.Thats what I love about this site Im in contact with real people who have gone through similar experiences.Anyway as Ive mentioned on my post Ive got an appointment on the 9th Jan to see about make up lets hope I can put a stop to this roller coaster.Thankyou Paul
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