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hi tracy- i know that this posting was directed to hank, but i hope it's alright if i chime in-- as i was reading what you wrote, i'm almost in tears! i am the mom of a 2 year old little boy with extensive PWS, and i have all the same thoughts as you- i just can't accept it the way everyone seems to think i should. i try, i really do. i keep going through my mind of every single instance that happened while pregnant... i ate right, took vitamins, wasn't around smoke/caffeine... still, it happened. i know that it was just supposed to be this way, but it is SOOOO hard to watch your precious baby go through what you would gladly take in their place!!! it still kills me everyday... and i worry all the time about his future, will he be happy/feel accepted... anyway, i have never heard anyone who sounds more like me, and i just wanted to say that if you were near me i would offer you a big hug... if you ever need to vent, or want to chat about something, i would be glad to talk with you. i have always wanted someone to talk with who has actually been there, for some reason, it helps me to know that we are not alone with this! mandi
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