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Hi Tracy,

It took me a long time to except my birthmark. I always had a positive attuide torwards it. One of the biggest things was that may parents never treated me different. I must emphasize that if your daughter can sense your emotions torwards her birthmark she will never except it herself. If you teach her that she is no different then any of the other children (your own if you have any also). You have to make the questions into a positive. I turn it into educating children. That it does not hurt and it is ok to except people for their differences. The more positive feedback you give her the easier it will be for her to except her PWS.

For the laser treatment if the laser treatment does not make drastic improvements in the first three treatments do not give up. It will take more then just three before you will see any change at all to tell you the true. I have been doing it for 19 years now and as you can see on my website my birthmark is not going anywhere anytime soon. The extent of your daughters PWS, until technology gets better they only thing you can do is keep it from getting worse. If removing her PWS does not work maintanceing is a must so it does not grow.

I hope this has help you. If you have not seen my website you can check it out at

Hope to talk to you soon and good luck at the doctors office.

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