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Dr. Nelson is wonderful! He treated my son (the third doctor to do so) and I am thrilled with the results (my son had a large hemangioma). Dr. Nelson is one of the leading experts on lasers and treating vascular birthmarks. He is also an engineer and has developed techniques for increasing the effectiveness of laser without damaging the skin. Dr. Nelson also has a variety of lasers to make sure the right laser and settings are used on the patient...not all pws are the same and will require different lasers/settings. You can email him questions from the front page "ask the expert".

I also felt his lab was an ideal place for treatment. No was a more relaxed "specialized" environment. His nurses KNOW birthmarks, they know the laser treatment process. In the past I found myself having to always explain the hospital staff "what a hemangioma is"....etc.

Take care and good luck

Corinne Barinaga
VBF Director of Family Services
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