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Default Issues with gums

My 4 month old, Samantha, has extensive port wine stains on the right side of her face, her neck, chest, arms and legs. They are very light and lacey looking. We went through all sorts of testing since she was 9 days old to r/o Sturge Weber Syndrome and everything has come back normal. We will still see the specialists to follow her every few months, especially the opthamologist since she has it around her right eye.

We noticed a month ago that Samantha's top gum line looks crooked. It looks a little bit swollen and is lighter than the rest of the gumline. Our pediatrician suggested following it for the next month or so and if it gets worse to see a specialist. After looking at some of the posts here I feel like we should take matters into our own hands now and have her gums looked at and x-rays done by a periodontist. She started teething two weeks ago and her bottom two teeth have just come through. I want to make sure that the rest of her teeth should come in OK and if not what we can do for her.

I guess I would like to know if anyone here has had the same sort of experience with the gums and PWS and what can or should be done to correct it?

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