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Hi Island,

You are very welcome. This thread is to help people and with what time I have I help when I can.

First of all yes I know of KT and I do know several people with it. When you are doing your research also look up Sturge Weber Syndrome. The reason is because KT is a condition that a lot of people have with SWS. I have SWS but do not have PWS (port wine stain birthmark) on any of my arms or legs. It is only on my head. I can almost guarantee you that the birthmark you have is not a hemagioma but PWS. Most H's go away when a person is a child but not all of them. If the doctors think you have KT you would have to have PWS last I knew.

I would recommend talking to a KT expert. Others on the group have talked to Dr. Delfanian. He is VBF's ask the KT expert. You can email him if you would like. VBF has a like to him on the front of this website.

I hope this helps and I will talk to you soon.

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