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Default The way my life goes


My nickname is Dutch, it says: ''Your name should be Iris!'
I'm born 16 years ago with a strange spot on the left side of my belly. I have a micro-macrocytic lymphatic malformation. I'm also from a triplet! My brothers are OK, they haven't got any birthmarks (except from their belly buttoms).

The doctors and my parents thought it will dissapear, and when I was about 10 the doctors said what I got on my belly is too large to remove it. I hated that day, and I should wait for a couple of years, so the technology can be there to remove my birthmark.

A couple of years later I went to see a doctor in the Academical Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam. A doctor thought he could remove it . Yes! Some good hope! Before a doctor told me it cannot be removed, because it's too big. Well, within a year I will know the lasertreatment will help.

I am getting treated with the pulsed dye laser, and it seems to work . It hurts, but it makes my belly look the way it supposed to look. People give me strange reactions when I show my belly, so I don't like to show it, and I rather like not to talk with strangers about my belly. But I miss school when I'm seeing a doctor, and people ask me why I'm not at school. So then I just tell them, because the else may think strange things.

In may I see my dermatologist again, and will treat my belly. I'm really looking forward to it, I got lots of questions!

Greetings from Holland,

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