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Thanks for your reply and answers, Hank! Very wise answers . You really seem to be a experienced young man, and very social.

I always cover my belly, and in the dressingrooms of school people sometimes ask about what I have on my belly, but usually they don't see it.

I'm blessed with a good and expercienced, doctor, and my life will change if my CLM is removed. Then I can shim in a bikini, and sunbade (I love it!).

I don't like the lasertreatments, but if I read on the internet (the past 3 weeks) I see people who have something sumulair like me, but much worser, and on a spot which cannot be covered. I've read your story, Hank, and I like your courage and confident.

Iris from Holland
If you're really going for something, you can't fail!
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