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OK, here goes.. I'll do the best I can:

1.) the doctor explained that peak lightening would probably occur around 6 treatments. Some people on this forum have stated that they have had quite a bit more than this because of the degree of their PWS, or is it just because they have gone back for further treatments once the PWS re-darkens?
2.) My daughter's PWS is in the V2 region. The MRI has not yet been scheduled - should I put a rush on this with the doctors? She has not demonstrated any sign of seizure.
3.) Does anybody know about Dr. Bailess/Mallory? Is she a good doctor to see?
4.) If the pulsed-dye laser does not achieve any lightening, are there other treatments available? I do not expect her PWS to disappear, but for her sake, I do hope that the treatment does have some effect.
1. The degree of PWS does matter and many adults go in for maintenance treatments.

2. Because the PWS is around her eye, make sure you get her checked often for glaucoma. However, if you already know that she will get an MRI scheduled, I wouldn't push it... I wouldn't forget it, either.

3. I don't ever recall hearing anything bad about Dr Mallory. You might ask Elissa she is the developmental expert, but she lives near you, so she might know if there is a different doctor to see.

4. There are other types of laser available... only rarely have I ever heard PDL as not being effective, though. Best to discuss that with the doctor.

She is really GORGEOUS... congrats on your baby girl. She's so bright-eyed and attentive.... oh, I wish I had a baby again, just to play with! You're very lucky!

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