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My daughter has almost the same birth mark. She is almost 4 months old. She will start treatment in August. For the anesthesia she needs to be 6 months old.

She was been ruled out for Sturge-Weber Syndrome. Because it does not go up to her forehead. We are seeing an opthamologist to rule out Glaucoma. She went at 6 weeks and is going again next week.

We just had a test of the laser a few weeks ago. It is encouraging to see some lightening with just one dose. Her dermatologist at Children's Hospital Seattle was encouraged with the bruising from the test dose. She feels that we should get significant inprovement with 6-7 treatments. she is said with early treatment that early studies have shown decreased need for follow up treatments as a child gets older.

I am intrested in reading the answers to your questions too.

Here is a picture of her port wine stain.

Here is a close up of the test dose a week later. You can kind of see the lightening. It still has a bit of a bruise in the picture. The bruse was gone in a week.
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