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She is a cutie! And I can definitely see the lightening in the area where the laser test was done - that is really promising! Thanks for sharing that. My daughter's PWS does not extend onto the forehead, but she still has to have an MRI to rule out Sturge Weber. Also, she will be 4 months old when she goes under anesthesia...I wonder if this is okay? I know (because I'm a speech-language pathologist) that when children are born with cleft lips, they follow a rule of 10 (age of at least 10 weeks, weight of at least 10 pounds, and hemoglobin of 10). According to this rule, I think she will be okay.
My doctor said that, as far as re-treatment goes, she will probably have to come and get some every few years.
I'm glad things are going so well for your daughter!
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