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Default Anesthesia for laser therapy

When Addie had her laser therapy, I asked A LOT of questions concerning her anesthesia. She is treated at Arkansas Children's Hospital. She received general anesthesia with a mask. They gave her nitrous oxide (like at the dentist) and sevofluorene. She never got intubated or even had an IV. It went superfast! From the time they took her to the time the doctor was finished ended up being less than 10 minutes! (probably closer to 5). She slept in recovery for a very short time, ate, then we left. All in all from start to finish to in the car on the way home was less than an hour! (plus about an hour for them having us arrive early). She was given Tylenol for pain and had no problems.
I have never posted pics on here before. If you tell me what to do, I'll post them, otherwise send me your email address and I will email them to you both personally.
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