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Unhappy 10 mnth old vas a VM on her cheek to corner of her lip

Hello! My daughter is 10 mnths old and was initially diagnosed as having a bruise from being stuck in the birth canal and then with an hemangioma but I wasn't convinced because it didn't look like the hemangiomas I had seen on the internet. I then asked my dr's for a referal to a specialist and was sent to Duke University to see Dr. Neil Prose. He told me her BM was not an hemangioma but a Vacular Malformation, which I knew from doing research about it. He sent me to Dr. Burton for laser treatments. What is frustrating to me is that none of the dr's can tell me how many tx she will need or show me some results of this type of BM that was treated with Laser. I saw some photos but none that compare to size and color that my daughter has. Can someone help me? I want to do the best thing for her. I know leaving it alone is not an option for us. She is so beautiful and I can't imagine her having to deal with all the teasing in school when she gets there. HELP Me please!
THanks! Joanne
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