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Originally Posted by jodel99 View Post
Thanks Kristie! I wasn't sure who to ask in ask the experts so I picked the AVM expert. Hopefully he will have some answers for me. Anyway, I was looking insider her mouth today when she was crying and saw that the VM extends to the back of her palate. That scared me alittle and it sort of makes me wonder if there is more to it then meets the eye. Her Dr's dont think it is an AVM but she hasn't had any MRI's or 4-D Xrays so I don't know for sure. I am starting to worry more than I should probably but I can't help it. Thanks again!

I'm pretty sure that they would need testing to rule out an AVM, as I was diagnosed with an AVM they did an angio and ruled out AVM that it was just a VM.

I would really try and get her to a Vascular Anomaly specialist and let them have a look at her.

Good Luck!
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