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Default Re:5 week old has Hemangioma in Liver HELP!!

Thank you for the words of hope and inspiration. It is comforting to know that there are others out there that have the same worries and concerns.

Jacob has about 30 H's on his body...I am unsure of what the different types are. Most are very small (about the size a pen tip) with 1/2 dozen or so being a few Cm wide.

We met with Dr. Amy Nobber at Childrens Mercy Hospital in KC yesterday. She seems to be very knowledgable and understanding. I think I asked her 20 questions and she was very patient and answered everyone of them.

Dr. Nobber wants to see him again in a week, and we are going to a cardiologist next Friday to do an EKG and make sure that his little heart is working well.

Right now they are going to hold off on the Steroids a little bit to see if the H's are growing or are reducing on their own. I agree we need to be patient, but I am still worried about letting it go to long.

I really appreciate the watch list....Jacob was Jaundice after birth and was under the bilie lights for two days to reduce it.

My wife and I tried for over two years to concieve Jacob, and he is a miracle everyday. I am hopeful that everything will workout. He is a strong boy and has gained two & a half pounds in the past 5 weeks. This is very encoraging.

Thanks again!
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