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My eight year old son has recently been diagnosed with an intramuscular venous malformation located deep in the arch of his left foot. We are just beginning to seek treatment options ie. sclerotherapy in the U.S. and will be visiting a few doctors over the next three months to choose a treatment plan. We presently reside in Calgary, Canada. I definitely would like to speak with you further. I have encountered only ONE other person so far, although the website is now defunct, with a VM of the foot. I assume that you have had some success with your treatments, although 27 embolizations does seem like a lot to go through in 5 years.
My son's pain level is manageable now with Ibuprophen but it definitely has affected his quality of life. He has never developed a normal walking gait and avoids weight bearing on his foot most times prefering to walk on his heel as if he's in a walking cast. He of course cannot participate in most physical activiity. I'm wondering if you have similar symptoms and if puberty exxagerated your symptons?

I'd be happy to hear from anyone with a similar affliction in the extremities. . .
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