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Default Lymphangioma surgery

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Hi - Nice to see this new board here! My daughter has a macrocysitic LM and is slated for surgery with Dr. Waner this December (her story is posted on the My Story board). She has had five rounds of sclerotherapy with OK-432 that were moderately successful. Dr. Waner believes he will be able to successfully remove the remainder of her LM. I was wondering if anyone has had a child go through this surgery. I would love to hear a parent perspective on what to expect.
I have a 15 year old daughter who will undergo surgery in her upper left arm for a lymphangioma in two weeks. Her first surgery was at six months old, but the surgeon was not able to excise the entire tumor. Two years ago she underwent three rounds of sclerotherapy with minimal success. Compression garments have been of little use. The doctor is not sure how much he will be able to excise, but we are hoping for the best. My daughter is very self-conscious about her condition and rarely shows her upper arm. Hope your surgery goes well. Please let me know.
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