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This is my first time on this website...
A little about myself...
I am 23 and have a pws on the lower half of my face with an enlarged lower lip. Thats not all, I also have blonde hair, blue eyes and i have been told the cutest nose ever!

I have never worn make up to hide my birthmark. It would look pretty silly with my bottem lip sticking out so much.

In my experiance, I have noticed that everyone is insecure about something. I heard something like only 3% of women think they are beautiful!
Anyway, my point is that guys love girls who are confident and who love themselves.

I have never had a hard time finding bfs and actually to tell you the truth my other friends get jealous because they struggle with relationships.

Think about it this way... a man who is strong and confident won't care if you have a little extra colour. So in reality we are lucky because we are only getting the good guys and everybody else can have the shallow ones!
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