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I'm sorry to hear all that your daughter has been through and I hope the surgery went well for her. Jacqui had her first surgery with Dr. Waner in November of 2005 and had a follow-up sugery for cosmetic touch up in November of 2006. He was able to remove the entire LM - an 8 hour surgery. We were amazed at the results! She is doing really well now and has no surgeries scheduled in her immediate future. I believe with my whole heart that we made the right decision to take her to New York. I know Dr. Waner focuses on malformations of the head and neck, but you could probably obtain an excellent referral to a specialist dealing in upper extremities through the parent's "Ask the Surgeon" link on this site to Dr. Levitin. He is Dr. Waner's partner and an excellent parent resource! My prayers are with you and your daughter.

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