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It seems you have a cafe au lait birthmark..sometimes they change in climate,,darker and lighter depending on the weather. I am not a doctor , but from my experience ....,that is my educated guess!!!

But,, from another point of view....I believe you should not stop doing things that you enjoy because of it,, birthmarks do not define who you are..swimming and wearing shorts is something you should be doing and enjoying and not allowing other people to stop you from it because of their should feel proud of your beautiful legs!!!!

Also you can discuss your ideas with a professional, maybe they can give you skin lightening cream, or laser it off, but whichever way you go,,

go enjoy the summer, and Hawaii, and don't allow anyone to hamper your good times,,,enpower yourself!!!!!


PS,,some of the most famour entertainers have birthmarks on their faces,,and look at them now..

Madonna, Cindy Crawford,,SEAL....etc....
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