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Hello, my name is Cristina, I am a general Practitioner Trainee, from Romania. My 2 years old daughter was born with an hemangioma on her back. First it was a stain, but it began to grow fast. Now it has 4,5 on 5,5 cm. It doesn't hurt her, and it has the strawberry aspect and shape. I am glad it is not on her face, it would have been a trauma for her and us. Still, Romanian doctors are in favour of the surgery (generally speaking, not in my case, I have only seen a dermatologist that advised me to wait until 6 years or more) as soon as possible (before becoming too large), while I am reading the advice of this foundation Specialists that says that it could involute even until 10-15 years. My opinion was also to wait, but it develops as the child grows. ( it was 3,5 on 4,5 when she was 6-7 months.). Her general state is good, she is developing as a normal child, she looks as if she was 3.
I would like to know if there is anyone in the same situation, perhaps someone older with a similar hemangioma that has not been operated and how is it that it looks like now.
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