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Default New w/ Questions Please Help!

Hi All,

I have twin boys who are 3 1/2 months. One of them developed a hemangioma around 3 weeks of age just next to the outer corner of his left eye. It is a little bigger than 1/3 dime size and raised just over 1/8". I had an appt. w/ Kaiser's pediatric dermatologist who prescribed oral steroids (6 ML/day) along w/ Zantac and antibiotics. His H is not affecting his eye or vision but of course we don't want it to get bigger and obviously want it to go away. He has been on the meds for 6 days and I have noticed a VERY slight improvement-- H is softer, less bright, and a darker more purply red w/ maybe a grayish tinge (rather than bright red). It also looks just a TAD less raised--like slightly deflated. However, these changes are very slight so much that my husband can barely tell. My questions are:

1) How soon after starting steroids should one expect improvement? Is this improvement encouraging or does it look like he might not respond?

2) He is fussier. Does this always last or sometimes subside? Also I am so worried that I am doing him harm by giving him these meds.

3) Do any think it's wiser just to go straight to (plastic) surgery to avoid meds? Please share any experience w/ steroids vs. surgery.

3) Does an H need to be totally flat to do laser? The dr. said she can't do laser w/ it raised.

4) Has anyone done cryotherapy for a raised H?

I would so so much appreciate any advice as I'm really worried about this.

Thank you so much!

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