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Thank you. I emailed him just to double check. I have to say I really wish Dr. Reinisch were doing the surgery (he's so great!) but considering I can have it done at Kaiser for basically free I can't really justify it. Also we'd have to travel which would make it a bit harder on Ben (and us). But I ran it all by Dr. R and he seems to think it's ok. The Kaiser dr. has incredible credentials and 30% of her patients are babies age 3-4 mos. since that is when she does many cleft-palate surgeries. Dr. R was concerned that some of the Kaiser "pediatric" surgeons in reality do mostly adult cosmetic surgery so I checked into the percentages. We saw before and after pics which were good and obviously she does FAR MORE complicated work than removing a small superficial H. But one downside is that she has done some but not tons of H surgeries b/c Kaiser usually does not recommend removing them. But she showed me 2 pics of large Hs that she removed and the scars looked good. Also we're going to talk to a parent of one of her H patients to ask about their experience with her. I hope we're doing the right thing. Also, the steroids practically did nothing so in retrospect I regret doing them (these were Rx'd by the derm, not thte surgeon). We're weaning now and are down to 4 ML/day.

Thanks for all of your help!

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